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Join Our Team

UI-UX Designer / Software Engineer

The UI/UX Designer-Developer will be based at Brown University and spearhead the conception, design and software implementation of user interfaces and overall user experience for our intracortical brain-machine interface to be deployed to the homes of individuals with severe movement disability. Working closely with our team, s/he will be responsible for aesthetic and functional UI/UX design, executing a user-centered design process, coding elegant and effective user interfaces using iOS, web, Windows and other software technologies/targets, software integration, testing and end validation. This is a full-time 2-year fixed-term position with standard Brown University employee benefits. Please see the PDF announcement for details.

Due to the pandemic, this position will be interviewed, onboarded, trained and begin working entirely remotely.

Postdoctoral Research Associates

We have postdoctoral research opportunities in areas that include, but are not limited to analyzing neuronal ensemble activity toward the improvement of decoding intended movement, harnessing intracortical signals for the development of communication interfaces for persons who are locked-in, developing new real-time decoding strategies, signal processing, and post-processing algorithms, and developing the interfaces for converting cortical neuronal activity into the real-time movement of a multi-articulated prosthetic limb, robotic limb/assistive device, or functional electrical stimulation system.

Partner Institutions

Brown Case Western Reserve University MGH Stanford School of Medicine DVA