Anish Sarma

Research Engineer

Brown University

Clinical Neurotechnology Research Assistant

Massachusetts General Hospital

Anish worked on research and development for the BrainGate system, with an emphasis on methods to improve stable, reliable, and high-performance control of assistive devices. His research projects at BrainGate included mitigation of non-stationarity in neural signals, incorporation of non-spiking signals into neural decoding, and simulation of closed-loop neural control.

Anish joined the team as an undergraduate in 2010 and received an Sc.B. in Electrical Engineering from Brown in 2012. As a member of the Truccolo Lab, he applies neural decoding methods to multi-scale recordings from people with epilepsy. He has also worked with the SpeakYourMind Foundation to develop and distribute assistive technology for people with disabilities.

Partner Institutions

Brown Emory University Harvard Medical School MGH Stanford School of Medicine University of California, Davis DVA