David Lin, MD

Clinical Fellow in Neurology

Massachusetts General Hospital / Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Visiting Scientist in Engineering

Brown University

David Lin joined the BrainGate team in 2015. He is broadly interested in understanding mechanisms of neural repair and neurorecovery in order to help people with neurologic disease. Within Braingate, he is working on applying computational methods to improve neuroprosthetic performance, track disease progression, and compare disease states.

David is currently a neurology resident in the Partners Neurology program at Massachusetts General Hospital / Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His previous research has spanned the fields of eye-tracking in children with autism to single-cell electrophysiology in the mouse visual system. The overarching theme of his work has been to use rigorous computational and physiologic approaches to understand neurologic diseases and help patients who suffer from them. He has published widely, including in Nature and the Journal of Neurophysiology. He received his B.S. with Honors in Mathematics and Computational Sciences from Stanford University in 2006 and his M.D., Magna Cum Laude, from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard Medical School in 2013.

Partner Institutions

Brown Case Western Reserve University MGH Stanford School of Medicine DVA